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Libby retired from Nursing after a 15 year career to pursue her passion for all things Art and Tattoo. She has been drawing, painting and creating nifty pieces of art since she was a wee child. She grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania in a tiny rural Mining community. Her mother was also an artist and a sign painter and she believes that is where her love of art and creativity was derived. As a youngster she would roam the rolling pastures, creeks and hills sketching whatever caught her interest. It was and always has been an escape for her to get lost in her own little creative world. She never dreamed that she would one day grow up and be able to permanently draw on people for a living.

It’s humbling, exhilarating and gratifying all at the same time. Libby’s previous career as a nurse (the last 5 years of which were spent in the ER/Triage at Wake Med’s New Bern Campus) has been extremely advantageous to her current career. Because of her background Libby is well versed in cross contamination, blood borne pathogens, sterility of equipment, recognizing client’s adverse physical reactions and more.

Born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Jessica has been drawn to the visual and decorative arts as long as she can remember—drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, jewelry making, interior design… The list goes on. As soon as she was of age, Jessica started getting tattooed, and that added another interest the lineup. In 2001, she completed her apprenticeship under the tutelage of Mike Bernstein at FineLine in Mesquite, Texas and continued tattooing professionally for nine years. In 2010, she left the trade to focus on her children full-time while picking up some writing/editing/proofreading work here and there on the side. Fast forward to 2024, the kids are almost grown up, and Jessica has been tattooing again for about four years now. While Jessica specializes in black and gray, she especially enjoys tattooing botanicals and anything otherworldly or a little offbeat. In any case, Jessica welcomes the opportunity to work with your design ideas and make your experience in the chair a pleasant one. 



Autumn Spinks Miller is the resident piercer at Conspiracy Ink. She started her piercing career in 2000 at another tattoo and piercing studio here in Raleigh, NC. Some time passed, and as some of her former clients will remember, she got married and moved away. While it was a sad time, it was very much needed. But she is back now and here to make you shiny again! To her future clients, she is thrilled to meet you and make your piercing adventure a pleasant one.

She has training in First Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens. While she is not an active fellow of the Association of Professional Body Piercers (APP), Autumn upholds her piercing studio to their standards.

She hopes to see her old clients again, and cannot wait to meet new ones!

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