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Welcome! Conspiracy Ink is a female-owned and -operated full-service tattoo and piercing shop in downtown Raleigh, NC. 

Hours of Operation
Tattoos: Appointment Only Tuesday through Saturday, 2pm until appointments are complete (approximately 8pm)
Piercings: Walk-in Only Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday from 3:30pm to 8pm.


  • Please limit your hand-holders to +1 per scheduled client.

  • Knock on our door (upstairs) when you arrive.

  • Masks are optional.

  • Bring your [valid] ID

  • Please do not pre-shave or use any numbing agents.

  • Please note that we are a cash-only studio.


  • Appointment only.  Please contact us online to schedule your appointment.

  • All bookings are based on availability and scope of work.

  • A deposit is required to schedule your appointment.

    • Tentative appointments can be held for 48 hours, pending deposit receipt.

    • Deposit amounts vary based on the scope of work and start at $20.

    • This can be submitted via PayPal or Venmo (otherwise, we are cash-only).

    • The deposit will be subtracted from your cost on appointment day unless you no-show or cancel/reschedule with less than 24-hours’ notice (barring illness).

    • If extenuating circumstances require a refund of your deposit, you will receive the amount submitted minus the service provider fees that we would otherwise absorb (nominal fees dictated by PayPal and Venmo).

    • Unused deposits will be forfeited after 12 months' time.

Pricing is based on skin time, estimated in advance, and calculated upon completion.

  • Shop minimum is $50.

  • Hourly rate for is $160.

  • Prices subject to change.


  • We accept piercing walk-ins on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 3:30pm to 8pm.

  • You must be 18 years-of-age or older and have your valid ID.  (If you are interested in a piercing for a minor, please read additional information below.)

  • All pricing includes jewelry.

  • Most above-the-belt piercings are $40 with a ring or $50 with a stud. 

  • Please contact us for below-the-belt pricing


  • 13-years-of-age and up: Ears and cartilage only.

  • 16-years-of-age and up: Ears, cartilage, facial, navel, and surface piercings (not dermals).

  • Minors and consenting parents/guardians MUST have ID for both in order to be pierced.

    • Parent/guardian must be present and give written consent.

    • State and federally-issued IDs include the following: Driver’s license, state-issued ID, and Military ID. Passports will also be accepted combined with the minor’s birth certificate to prove that the minor and the guardian belong to one another. 

    • If the minor does not have any of the IDs listed above, we will accept a School ID combined with the minor’s birth certificate.

    • If the parent’s/guardian’s and minor’s last names and addresses do not match on the IDs provided, the minor’s birth certificate will also be required.

    • If the adult is not the parent of the minor, court documentation indicating the adult is a legal guardian is also required (adoption papers, etc.)

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